Reo Wilde and Erika Jones

Reo Wilde and Erika Jones

USA Archery dominated the World Games in Colombia, taking Gold in all 3 of the compound disciplines (Mens, Womens, Mixed).

Together, Erika Jones and Reo Wilde were in a league of their own. Dropping just 3 points from 16 arrows in their gold medal match, the US pair took a 5 point victory over Italy’s Sergio Pagni and Marcella Tonioli, the World #1 ranked Mixed Team.
Denmark were outmatched by Germany’s Paul Titscher and Kristina Berger, with the German team taking the bronze medal.

But, even divided, they proved to be just as formidable.
As predicted, the Semi-Final battle between Erika (USA) and Sara (COL) was heated. With neither archer letting the other have the upper hand, the match went to a shoot-off on 144 points. Sara managed a 9 in the most stressful situation archery can throw at you, but was outdone by a perfect 10 from Erika.
Meanwhile, Ivana Buden (CRO) fell by a single point to her best-friend, Camila (DEN). Sending Camila into the fight for gold with Erika, and Ivana into battle for bronze with Sara Lopez.

As impressive as Ivana was, she was no match for Sara, who shot an enormous 148 to take the Bronze medal. I’m not sure, but I’d say that’s the highest score ever for a WC finals match? (confirmation anyone?).
Soon after, Erika defeated Denmark’s Camila Soemod, 143-141 and secured her second gold medal of the competition!

A tight Semi-Final between Roberto Hernandez (ESA) and Pierre-Julien DELOCHE (FRA) saw neither archer break away. At 145 each, they forced a shootoff. With 10’s from each archer, neither was giving up easy. PJ was closer to the centre, making his way to the gold medal match, while a matter of millimeters sent Roberto into the fight for bronze.
In a more one-sided matchup, Reo had the “Reo Train” on express to the gold medal match with a whopping 148, sending German’s Paul Titscher, with a 143, to fight Roberto for Bronze.

The fight between Paul and Roberto was close, what must have been a nail-biting match for both archers finished 146-147 in favour of Roberto, who claimed the bronze medal.

A commendable 147 from PJ Deloche wasn’t nearly enough to stop the “Reo Express” from reaching it’s final destination; the #1 spot on the podium. A huge 149 from Reo under the pressure of a gold medal match is something to tip your hat to!

Article by Derek Jacobs (Follow Derek)

(Photo by Mel Nichols)